Cottage Garden Crafts

A quick note to say that some of Gillybean Jewels’ jewellery is in The Cottage  Garden Craft shop in Kelso.   We have on sale some of our Silver Earrings, pendants and some gemstone/glass earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  This is a wonderful little shop with lots of lovely things to temp  you, and well worth a look. Situated just off Bridge Street, opposite the Abbey, next door to the church.  Pop in the next time you are in Kelso.  Many thanks to Jane in The Cottage Garden.Image


'Hearts and stars'

‘Hearts and stars’

Hi all this is just a wee reminder to let you all know that there is a craft fair at Smailholm on 2nd March. Come along and see me .  On such a  bleak day you just want to curl up into front of a roaring fire with a mug of hot coffee and a good book.  But instead I about to put on my jacket and take the dog out for a walk.  He is looking at me, willing me to get a move on!!  Anyway when I get back in I intend to sit down and h ave that coffee!   Just making a few more of the same that are in the picture here. See you all soon.  

Back to work

Well that’s the start of another year – it’s back to work for me. Also just joined up with the Crafters in the Scottish Borders on facebook. Loads of talented people with lots of awesome ideas for crafts etc. I have just unpacked some of my jewellery making stuff (after it was rested for Christmas)!! Like seeing old friends again, going to get on with some wire work now

Gold Wirework Earrings
Gold Wirework Earrings

- just made a paid of earrings with gold wire and large freshwater pearls. Might just keep these for me!!

Countdown to Crafters Craft Fair in Kelso

Not long to go till the Annual Crafters Craft Fair jn Kelso.  Only 4 sleeps!!  Getting back to Gillybean Jewels, we are frantically making new designs, indeed only today did a new consignment of goodies arrive for incorporating into our jewellery.    Must get back to the Art clay silver that has started to be formed into charms.  

Hopefully get some pictures on here for you all to see soon.



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